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Our Product Range

Disposable Cups 

Discover our comprehensive cup collection, spanning from coffee cups to shot glasses

Service Name

Party Tableware

Discover our Party Tableware Collection - cups, plates, napkins, and covers for a seamless celebration!

Plates and Bowls 

Elevate your offerings with our eco-friendly plates and bowls, designed for style without compromising sustainability

Party Essentials 

Explore our Party Essentials Collection - from wooden cutlery to fun headbands and birthday banners.

Foil Trays

Elevated culinary exeriences with our premium foil trays, designed for both style and convenience.

Party Candles 

Explore our range of disposable candles, featuring age candles (1-9), Happy Birthday candles, and Birthday Cake candles.


Widen your range of napkins - Browse our beautiful range of design napkins

Table Covers

Provide your customers with premium cream, white and balloon-design table covers, adding a touch of charm to their event setups

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